Enquirus – Finally an open database for stolen watches and jewelry.

Should my dream finally come true???

Since 2010 during a meeting at INTERPOL in Lyon I have been promoting the importance of such a database. Since nothing happened I have in 2017 and 2019 at meetings of Europol in The Hague and Antwerp again and again pointed out the importance!

With the Richemont company, a globally operating company now operates such an open database for stolen watches and stolen jewelry. Great!

Important for several reasons:

  1. Until now, it was not possible – even for the police – to check the serial numbers of watches in Europe and worldwide.
  2. Now finally watches can be checked worldwide also by every jeweler, watchmaker, buyer, private person etc., whether these originate from a crime!
  3. Thus, the watches presumably lose their “value” for perpetrators and thus reduce the risk for jewelers and private individuals to become victims of crimes with the aim of watches.