Terms and conditions of participation

The Jewellers’ Alert Service has been in existence for more than 40 years and has set itself the goal of networking companies in the jewellery and watch industry (including jewellers, goldsmiths, watchmakers, diamond and gemstone merchants, commercial agents, manufacturers, security service providers working for the industry, insurance companies in Germany and neighbouring countries, as well as their brokers) throughout Germany and Europe (Crime Prevention Network) in order to inform them about current crimes and criminals within the shortest possible time. This is done in cooperation with German and European police authorities as well as alert services in the Netherlands, France, England and the USA. In addition, we report on current new security technology and publish information for the daily security of your employees and your company.

This is necessary because today’s perpetrators are national and international travelling individual and group perpetrators who move their crime scenes across Europe by hundreds of kilometres in a very short time within a few hours due to the existing infrastructure. They are therefore difficult to identify for the security authorities and crime connections are often – if at all – difficult to prove.

The Jewellers’ Alert Service informs its members by regular e-mail newsletters in detail about crimes that are likely to be repeated (e.g. tricksters, fraudsters), about serious crimes (e.g. robbery, burglary) and the possibilities to protect oneself against these crimes and perpetrators. In addition, all offences that come to the attention of the Alert Service are published on the internet on a daily basis, password-protected for the subscribers, with additional information (situation pictures). This also includes the publication of perpetrator pictures and videos. Each subscriber chooses a personal password for the protected pages on the internet.

The cost of participation in the Jewellers’ Alert Service is just 12 €/mth. (as of 2021).

These costs consist of the contribution of 5.- € as well as a levy of 7.- €. Additional branches only pay the levy. (All prices plus VAT)

Law enforcement agencies in Germany and abroad can participate free of charge upon request!

If you would like to become a subscriber, please contact us.

I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.